Paid to Raid is owned and operated by a former 1st Battalion, 4th Marine, Alpha Company Marine. The company officially began operating as Paid to Raid in 2017, unofficially in 2015.  Its origins were basically born out of the basement to fulfill the needs of veterans who served in Alpha Company and wanted gear that represented that service.  After a few runs of Alpha shirts and hoodies we began to receive requests to make gear from Veteran Marines who served in other boat raid company's for their company gear, so we did just that and grew fast doing so. 

Fast forward to today; because of the shared history using the "Raider" name between Marine Boat Company's/Amphibious Raids and MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) we have morphed into a company that has a customer base from both groups. The Raider name was born during WWII and its legacy is strong! Boat company and MARSOC Marines carry that name proudly today and we consider it an honor to provide gear that helps represent what these Marines have done in the past and moving forward into the future.

Thank you for your continued support,
Paid to Raid